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(Same Day Service Available - By appointment only) 

Open Holidays   

1980 Mony St. (Suite 111), Ft. Worth, Tx 76102

Call us for availability - 817-209-7061

Chapel Reservations

Please read carefully.  Couple is entering into a legal and binding agreement with "A One Stop Wedding Shop Ministry".  We take every reservation, and every contract seriously.  Do not fill out this form or try to reserve if there is even a 1% chance that you can not or will not,  fulfill your obligation by keeping the reservation (date changes are acceptable).

Our time is valuable.  We are not charging you "to actually perform the ceremony", we are charging a "Booking Fee" to put you into our calendar.  Time that we can not get back, time that could have gone to someone else, should you decide to cancel.  We do understand that situations arise that may be due to unforeseen circumstances.  We have a No Refund/No Exception Policy.  We do not cancel contracts.  In Lieu of this policy, the only alternative to cancelling, would be simply changing your date (we do not charge for date/time changes).  However, once entered into this contract by its submission, it is a legal and binding contract.  Refund Requests are automatically denied.  This agreement and reservation form are for serious couples only.

2017 Holidays - $35 Holiday Fee
01/01/17 – New Year’s Day
02/14/17 – Valentine’s Day
04/16/17 – Easter
05/14/17 – Mother’s Day
05/29/17 – Memorial Day
06/18/17 – Father’s Day
07/04/17 – Independence Day
09/04/17 – Labor Day
10/31/17 – Halloween
11/11/17 – Veteran’s Day
11/23/17 – Thanksgiving
12/24/17 – Christmas Eve
12/25/17 – Christmas
12/31/17 – New Years Eve

Couples Contract & Reservation Agreement Form:

Elopement Reservations

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A One Stop Wedding Shop Ministry- 817-209-7061

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Business Hours:  Monday through Saturday 11am to 8pm,

Sunday - Call for Openings

Open Holidays

By Appointment Only, No Walk In's.

We only process reservations a couple of times a day.  Once in the morning, and once in the evening.  At the time when we process yours, you will receive a Google Confirmation in your email.  It will have the address and other details on it (check your spam folders in case you don't receive).  Please make sure your Google Calendar Settings are set to "CENTRAL STANDARD TIME" to see the correct time on your invite/confirmation.

Reservations are only accepted 60 days in advance of ceremony.

Sundays - We only do license signings, no ceremonies, for chapel packages.

If the submit button is not highlighted, and won't let you submit the form, just try refreshing the page, simply refreshing the page & re-entering the info will usually correct it.

Also, be sure to check for any empty "required fields".

If the form was submitted properly, this page will turn white, if you scroll up, it will thank you for submitting your form.


Please do not forget to bring your TEXAS  marriage license. You must get that first from your County Clerks office.  See our Texas Marriage Laws page on how to get the license.

Please arrive on time only at the scheduled appointment time (not early or late).  You will not have access to the mini chapel until your reserved time slot.  We are only there by appointment and do not accept walk ins.