1 Hour Reservation\See more details below

15  to 25 Minute Ceremony (depending upon your selections)

Unlimited # guests - Your venue
 Use our exclusive website portal to choose 1 each;
 Love Quote:  16 to choose from
 Openings/Greeting:  16 to choose from
 Giving Away of the Bride:  6 to choose from
Declaration of Intent/Consent:  7 to choose from
 Marriage Reading:  54 to choose from
 Intro to Vows:  9 to choose from
 Marriage Vows:  50 to choose from
(plus you can add your own custom written vows)
 Intro to Rings:  3 to choose from
Ring Vows:  20 to choose from
Optional Marriage Prayer:  12 to choose from
 Marriage Blessings:  16 to choose from
 Pronouncement:  8 to choose from
  Custom/Tradition:  23 to choose from

Option:  Hour Rehearsal $100

This is a pre-written personalized script,  our simplest ceremony.

15 Minute Ceremony

Unlimited # Guests - Your Venue

Love Quote
Giving Away of the Bride:
Declaration of Intent/Consent
 Marriage Readings
Intro to Vows
 Marriage Vows
(plus you can add your own custom written vows)
 Intro to Rings
 Ring Vows

Optional Prayer - Non Denominational
Marriage Blessing
Simple Ceremony with no customs/traditions

Option:  Hour Rehearsal $100

10 Minute Ceremony /15 Minute Reservation

(Under 20 Guests )

 Perfect for Park & Home or Garden Elopements.

This beautiful 10 minute ceremony consists of: Opening/Greeting, Marriage Readings, Consent to Marry, Intro to Vows, Marriage Vows, Intro to Rings, Ring Vows, Optional Prayer,  Marriage Blessing, Pronouncement.

 You can use our handy calendar to plan your date(s).   We have more than one Minister/ Officiant.



 Full balance required to reserve.  All Monies paid are Non Refundable in the event of cancellation, however we can reschedule your appointment if needed at no charge.

Wedding Customs & Traditions:  list can include (but not limited to):  Blended Families,  Include Child(ren), Family or Friends, Signing of the Marriage Certificate, Unity Candle, Rose Ceremony, Wine Ceremony, Sand or Water Ceremony, Ring Warming, Jumping of the Broom,Lasso Ceremony, Tree Warming Ceremony, Wine Box with Love Notes,
Palms Up Ceremony, Butterfly Release, Dove Release, Unity Marbles,  Tying the Knot, God's Knot, Unity Heart Ceremony & other Wedding Traditions & Wedding Customs. 

Don't see one listed? 

Just chat with us to have yours added.

(All are modifiable to include children, family or friends)

Use our exclusive online portal to pick and choose readings and vows in the following wedding categories.

Dreams Package Categories:

Openings/Greetings:  16 to choose from
Giving Away of the Bride:  6 to choose from
Declaration of Intent/Consent:  7 to choose from
Marriage Readings:  54 to choose from
Love Quotes:  16 to choose from
Intro to Vows:  9 to choose from
Marriage Vows:  50 to choose from
(plus you can add your own custom written vows)
Intro to Rings:  3 to choose from
Ring Vows:  20 to choose from
Marriage Prayers:  12 to choose from
Marriage Blessings:  16 to choose from
Pronouncement:  8 to choose from
Customs & Traditions:  23 to choose from


Quick Links

If you don't have your own venue, see our other packages for Intimate Family Elopements - Office Mini Chapel (up to 32 Guests allowed) with Do It Yourself Style Receptions.

Both of these packages include aisle walks - Processional & Recessional.

We arrive about 15 minutes prior to ceremony, cover license filing options & give quick on the spot altar training.

Important:  **How to get your Texas marriage license.
First:  For legal marriages, you must obtain your TEXAS marriage license at least 3 days (72 hours) prior to ceremony from your City County Clerk’s Office.  Please refer to our Texas Marriage Laws Page on how to obtain your marriage license. Only the Courthouse can provide your marriage license to you, we do not provide the license.   You simply bring us the license that they provide to you, after the 3 day "State required" waiting time has passed, then an Officiate can marry you.

Wedding Packages


Password is only provided after Dreams Package

reservation has been made.


Warning:  Do not attempt to recreate a selection portal on any website or as part of any business plan.

Rehearsal or no rehearsal?

We are happy to offer rehearsals(for a small fee) so that you may practice your entrance and exit.  Some Couples choose to incorporate rehearsals so that their bridal party is trained on each persons role & functions.  This can include entrance of the Grandparents & parents/ushered/seating., Entrance of the Bride & her escort (person giving her away), Entrance of the Groom, Groomsmen, Best Man/Woman, Maid/Matron or Man  of Honor, Bridesmaids, Ring Bearer or Bell Ringers & Flower girls. 

The Officiant or Minister does not need to be present.  Our Rehearsal Coordinators conduct all Rehearsals.

You can save money by not incorporating a rehearsal or training.  During the actual ceremony (at the altar), we guide you; where to stand, what to say, where to move, etc... making your ceremony very easy for you.  Rehearsals are not required as any experienced, professional Officiant knows exactly what to do.  If you are choosing not to add on a rehearsal, feel free to download our Rehearsal Guide so that your Bridal Party can practice entering and exiting on their own. 

Also, be sure to ask your Venue if they provide a "ceremony coordinator", not to be confused with "event coordinator". 

If you have any technical issues getting the portal to load once you put in the password, please switch browsers. Advanced/Updated Web Browsers such as Chrome  & Mozilla Firefox  work best. Internet Explorer is not recommended. Laptops phones & tablets are not recommended. 

There are hundreds of selections in this portal, a good connection is required for the portal to load properly.

Please note:  Bride & Groom are responsible for

purchasing supplies for any of the following Customs/Traditions.

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Payment in full required to reserve.  All monies paid are non refundable(no exceptions) even in the event of cancellation, or package downsize.  The reason is simple, once your booked into our calendar, that is time we have allotted for your reservation, It is time that we can not get back once reserved, that could have gone to another couple.   We are however,  happy to reschedule your event if needed at no charge.

Use this page to find packages if you are planning to find,  or have already found, your own venue in DFW, Tx.

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 With our Dreams Wedding Ceremony Package...

You have the ability to choose every word in your ceremony right here online, using our exclusive website portal.

We have something that no one else offers;

Our selection portal has over 300 selections to choose from from 13 different element/categories.
The Largest Viewing/Selection Portal available online (*COPYRIGHTED)

Create your perfect day, comfortably in your own home~with no pressure or stress~

The portal is very easy to use, once you enter the password the portal is designed to help guide you in the selection process.

It also defines parts of the ceremony and order of events,  helping you understand the ceremony process.

Using the portal to make your content selections, allows you to express how you and your partner feel about each other, what your day means to you & and the message you want to convey to all of your guests during your ceremony.

You get to choose how long or short your ceremony will be, how much religion goes into it, how much interaction you have.

 The portal selections include readings that are traditional, contemporary/modern,

short, long, religious, humanist (non religious) or secular and much more!